Daily Minimum Tariff: US$ 250 per person per night during peak.



Why Rabphal?

Discerning travelers are always looking for the authentic local experience wherever they travel to. Would you rely on a foreign agent who has probably never even visited Bhutan or at best a few times and claims to know everything about the destination or would you rather have a local expert plan your trip to deliver that true local experience.  

Therefore at Rabphal, our mission is to provide accurate and relevant information regarding Tourism in Bhutan directly to the end customers eliminating business entities in between. We promote transparent pricing and assist our guests plan their trip to Bhutan as hassle free as possible. Our website also features a comprehensive travel guide and extensive coverage of information on Bhutan including top attractions and experiences in Bhutan to offer our customers a preview of what to expect on their trip to Bhutan.

What We Offer?

With our extensive knowledge about Bhutan coupled with our expertise in tour management, we offer both pre-designed tour packages and tailor made travel itinerary for groups and individual travelers as per your preferences and interest.

During the discussion, we offer suggestions and guidance to address concerns ensuring our guests are satisfied with the pre-travel planning. Our services also include hotel and flight reservations, arrangement of guide, land transport and most importantly the visa processing formalities.

Known for our high standards of quality and attention to detail, we have helped tourists go back home with great memories of their trip to Bhutan.


Pema Choden

Ms. Chimi has worked extensively for period of 10 years in field of tourism.

Pema yangchen

Ms. Pema has wide knowledge of local tourism. She worked as freelancer.

Dorji Drakpa

Mr. Dorji has worked as guide for the past 20 years. He is expert in the trekking routes in Bhutan.

Pema Lodey
Cultural Guide

Pema Lodey comes with rich background with the knowledge of culture and history of Bhutan.